YOUth Review: Avengers Infinity War

I am choosing this movie because it is my favorite marvel movie. It is my favorite Marvel movie because it has all the superheroes in the Marvel universe against one person called Thanos. The story is that this giant purple alien has a gauntlet that holds five infinity stones that are all different colors. The space stone is blue, the reality stone is red, the power stone is purple, the mind stone is yellow, the time stone green and the soul stone is orange. Thanos has to get all the stones in his gauntlet glove and can snap his fingers to kill half of the universe, restoring the balance in the Universe – as Thanos puts it.

In order to get every single stone, Thanos has to battle another superhero or group of superheroes. The movie leaves you on the edge of your seat the whole time, especially the final battle!

This movie definitely gets a five star review by me, my favorite characters in the movie are Groot by far, and Doctor Strange, Thor and the Hulk.

Groot is a tree monster that actually dies but they plant him in a pot and he grows back. Doctor Strange is a wizard that is the bearer of the time stone, Thor is the god of thunder, and Hulk is a man that turns into a big strong green guy with super strength when he is mad. It is a great movie that I got to see in theaters in 3D. If you have not seen it you definitely should check it out.

— Parker

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