YOUth Review – 1984 by George Orwell

book cover

This book was a very interesting read to see what our future could look like. We follow a character named Winston Smith, an intellectual protagonist living in London, who seems to be one of the only people who hates the controlled and oppressive nature of his government.  Winston guides us through his life in the year 1984, a very different year than what we remember. Technology and the way the world works have completely changed, some in ways that are not for the better. No freedom, fake news, and constantly being watched by cameras are a part of his daily life. The consequences that come with the rapidly increasing advancement of technology seem to be bigger than the government has thought it to be. Orwell’s 1984 is relevant and chilling, and a vision of a possible near future.

This book is a fascinating read if you are intrigued by the change in the world through technology. What interested me the most about the book is how scarcely accurate some of the things we consider normal today are included in the book. I kept thinking while reading the book about how close we are in our world today to having some of these electronic/robotic products in our lives soon. I found it to be a little degrading at times towards women and their rights, but that is just my personal opinion and how I perceived the information. I felt Orwell could have focused more on the aspects of electronics, but again, that is just my opinion. If you would like to read this book, I would say go for it, because it’s a cool insight and prediction of what the time ahead could look like.

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