YOUth Review: The Midnight Library by Matt Haig  

Nora Seed’s life is full of regrets, and she constantly wishes she could change her past. When she decides to end it all, Nora regains consciousness in a place that seems like her very own heaven. Transported to a place where she can now fix all her regrets and live the lives she has always wanted to, Nora is, at first, relieved.  But as she goes through each life that she thought she would love, Nora begins to realize they aren’t all that she thought they would be. A book about journey and self-reflection, The Midnight Library is a beautiful story about how a small decision can make a big change.

I enjoyed The Midnight Library a lot because it makes the reader reflect and think about their own life, and how the smallest things can make an impact on their life.  The book has shorter chapters as well, which makes for a quicker read. This means

that it’s great for people with a short attention span (like me), or for people who don’t like super long chapters. It’s a contemplative and interesting book that got me out of a reading slump, and I’d highly recommend giving it a shot!


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