YOUth Review: The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins  

Walter Hartright is a 28-year-old teacher of drawing in England in the 1800s. Without much work recently, Walter is granted a new job opportunity to work for Mr. Fairlie, a wealthy man with two daughters who want to learn drawing and painting skills. On his late-night journey by foot to reach  

London from his hometown, a strange woman dressed in all white appears from behind him. She asks for directions and nothing more, and as Walter walks her to where she needs to go, she seems to know of the  Fairlie’s already, reciting what she knows about them almost too well. Once Walter arrives at the Fairlie’s residence, strange circumstances begin aligning; all of which seem to lead back to the woman in white. 

This book is quite mysterious and intriguing to read, and one of my favourite books written in the 1800s.  Dual perspectives from Walter Hartright’s to other characters in the story makes the book more  interesting since we get to understand each character’s thoughts and emotions. The plotline and descriptions in the book kept me curious about what was going to happen next the entire time; I would highly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in classics, mystery, or suspense novels. It is quite a long read, but it is definitely worth it to try. 


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