YOUth Review: The Hawthorne Legacy 


TBPL Book Review by Odessa Opas 

The Hawthorne Legacy, a thrilling sequel to The Inheritance Games, is well worth your time.  This second installment is a gem of a YA book by the incredibly talented Jennifer Lynn Barnes.  Taking place in enormous and mysterious Hawthorne House, live the four powerful Hawthorne grandsons; their family; and, as of a month ago, the heiress – Avery Kylie Grambs.  After solving the first puzzle left for them, answers are still missing as to why a rich old man would leave billions to someone believed to be a total stranger.  While trying to solve the second game that Tobias Hawthorne has left his heirs; attempting to keep her complicated feelings for the boys to herself; and having to deal more and more with the paparazzi, interviews, and the public; controlling the narrative is a must for 17-year-old Avery.  To keep herself safe, the heiress must keep secrets hidden from even her loved ones, creating unwanted tensions and grudges.  The previously flat and predictable Jameson and Grayson (two of the Hawthorne grandsons) receive massive character development, to become lovable and unforgettable favourites.  Additionally, to keep the mood from becoming too intense, sarcastic and lighthearted Xander Hawthorne, and Max Liu, Avery’s best friend from across the country, act as great comedic relief in this sequel.  The end of this book thankfully is conclusive, so while I’m incredibly excited for The Final Gambit – the last book in the series – to arrive in August, there isn’t Hawthorne information that I need immediately.  This has instantly become one of my favourite reads of all time, and definitely gets a five-star review from me! 

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