YOUth Review: The Fault in Our Stars

Book Cover
The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars revolves around 16 year old Hazel Grace who has been diagnosed with lung cancer. She wants to stay at home and doesn’t care much about going to the Support Group her mom tells her to attend, but when she does go, she realizes it wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Why was it not a bad idea? Because she met Augustus Waters.

From this day forward, they talk and get closer as the story unfolds before your eyes, and it holds many surprises for both the characters and the reader. It will definitely make you want to keep reading to find out what happens next. Hazel and Augustus are both very well developed, interesting and dynamic characters that will make you feel like they are a real person due to their thoughts, actions and dialogue to each other and society.

I personally enjoyed this book due to how it always made you wonder what was going to happen next. To me, this book had everything a book could have, including sad, happy and funny parts that make you laugh out loud. It is a very versatile book that people of all ages and interests can enjoy.

I found that the last quarter of the book was a tad bit rushed as the chapters were quicker and there wasn’t as much detail. But, the rest of the book was very detailed and the chapters were roughly 15-20 pages each, which I thought was an okay amount. Overall, I give this book a high rating due to how interesting and surprising some parts were. If you like average sized books that tell a continuous story with not too many outside situations other than the main plot, then you will enjoy this book!

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