Wilderness Survival

And it’s time for another one of Laura’s reading obsessions! This time, we’re talking books about surviving nature, whether it’s in the extreme cold of the north, the Florida Everglades, or just adrift in the ocean – basically, we’re talking anything inspired by Hatchet. Listen along to find out whether Nicole’s felt the allure of the lonely forest and which animal we’d each prefer to be stranded with!

Listen to the episode on your favourite podcast platform by searching for Read This Next or watch on our YouTube channel. Place your TPBL holds for print books through our online catalogue, or search for eBooks through cloudLibrary. For full details about these titles and all the books we’ve mentioned on the show, go to https://www.goodreads.com/tbpl_readthisnext

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Book descriptions and covers via NoveList & GoodReads. Have a comment or theme request? Email us at readthisnext@tbpl.ca

As mentioned during the episode – here’s a video of the now extinct Tasmanian tiger (thylacine) featured in Into That Forest. Imagine a four year old being raised by two of these beasts and that’s your story!!

Even More: Streaming Movies & TV with Kanopy and TBPL

Looking for even more survival content? Try our streaming movie and tv service Kanopy to watch Alone, a series from the History channel where people are dropped alone into hostile environments with ten survival tools and nothing else. Unlike Survivor or other similar shows, there is no camera crew to help out if things get rough – these contestants truly are ALONE. You have four streaming credits per month as a TBPL patron, but tv seasons count as one credit each rather than one per episode – I’m onto my third season this month. Click here to view Alone on Kanopy, here to learn more about Kanopy and streaming movies and tv through TBPL, or watch the trailer below.

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