New and Upcoming Fiction (November 2021)

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The Stranger in the Lifeboat – Mitch Albom

What would happen if we called on God for help and God actually appeared? In Mitch Alboms’ profound new novel of hope and faith, a group of shipwrecked passengers pull a strange man from the sea. He claims to be the Lord. And he says he can only save them if they all believe in him.



Robert B. Parker’s Bye Bye Baby – Ace Atkins

In this 49th installment of Robert B. Parker’s iconic ‘Spenser’ series, a congresswoman fighting a tight primary begins receiving death threats. As the primary nears and threats become a deadly plot, its up to Boston PI Spenser and a surprise ally to ensure the congresswoman is safe.



Mercy – David Baldacci

FBI Agent Atlee Pine’s harrowing search for her long-lost sister Mercy reaches a boiling point in this breakneck thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci.


A Man of Honor – Barbara Taylor Bradford


Opening five years before the start of “A Woman of Substance”, “A Man of Honor” begins with 13-year-old Blackie O’Neill facing an uncertain future in rural County Kerry. Orphaned and alone, he has just buried his sister, Bronagh, and must leave his home to set sail for England, in search of a better life with his mother’s brother in Leeds. There, he learns his trade as a navy, amid the grand buildings and engineering triumphs of one of England’s most prosperous cities, and starts to dream of greater things… And then, high on the Yorkshire moors, in the mists of a winter morning he meets a kitchen maid called Emma Harte.


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Tom Clancy: Chain of Command – Marc Cameron

 An unscrupulous pharmaceutical billionaire has a plan to flood the US market with counterfeit drugs in this 21st installment of the ‘Jack Ryan’ series.


The Postmistress of Paris – Meg Waite Clayton


Meg Waite Clayton revisits the dark early days of the German occupation in France in this haunting novel – a love story and a tale of high-stakes danger and incomparable courage – about a young American heiress who helps artists hunted by the Nazis escape from war-torn Europe. From the author of ‘The Last Train to London’.



The Heron’s Cry – Ann Cleeves

North Devon is enjoying a rare hot summer with tourists flocking to its coastline. Detective Matthew Venn is called out to a rural crime scene at the home of a group of artists. What he finds is an elaborately staged murder – Dr. Nigel Yeo has been fatally stabbed with a shard of one of his glassblower daughter’s broken vases. Then another body is found, killed in a similar way. Matthew finds himself treading carefully through the lies that fester at the heart of his community and a case that is dangerously close to home.



The Dark Hours – Michael Connelly

Working her graveyard shift, LAPD Detective Renee Ballard seeks shelter at the end of the countdown to wait out the traditional rain of lead as hundreds of revelers shoot their guns into the air. Ballard is called to a scene where a hardworking auto shop owner has been fatally hit by a bullet in the middle of a crowded street party. It doesn’t take long for Ballard to determine that the deadly bullet could not have fallen from the sky. Ballard’s investigation leads her to look into another unsolved murder–a case at one time worked by Detective Harry Bosch. Ballard and Bosch team up once again to find out where the old and new cases intersect. All the while they must look over their shoulders. The killer who has stayed undetected for so long knows they are coming after him.


28335699. sy475

Leviathan Falls – James S.A. Corey

The biggest science fiction series of the decade comes to an incredible conclusion in the ninth and final novel in James S.A. Corey’s Hugo-award winning ‘Expanse’ series – now a Prime Original series.



Autopsy – Patricia Cornwell

Scarpetta is back! In this twenty-fifth in the electrifying, landmark #1 bestselling thriller series chief medical examiner Dr. Kay Scarpetta hunts an ingenious killer who has mastered cutting-edge science for the most nefarious ends.



Clive Cussler’s The Devil’s Sea – Dirk Cussler

From the cold dark depths of the Pacific Ocean to the dizzying heights of the Himalaya Mountain, fearless adventurer Dirk Pitt must unravel a historical mystery of epic importance in the 26th novel in the beloved ‘Dirk Pitt Adventure’ series created by the grand master of adventure Clive Cussler.


57281591. sy475

The Midnight Lock – Jeffery Deaver

 In this 15th entry of the ‘Lincoln Rhyme’ series, Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs team up with reward seeker Colter Shaw as they search for a killer whose fascination with breaking locks terrorizes New York City.



The Every – Dave Eggers

When the worlds largest search engine/social media company, The Circle, merges with the planets dominant e-commerce site, it creates the richest and most dangerous – and, oddly enough, most beloved – monopoly ever known: The Every. From the author of ‘The Circle’ and ‘Heroes of the Frontier’.


56816904. sy475

The Sentence – Louise Erdrich

A small independent bookstore in Minneapolis is haunted from November 2019 to November 2020 by the store’s most annoying customer. Flora dies on All Souls’ Day, but she simply won’t leave the store. Tookie, who has landed a job selling books after years of incarceration that she survived by reading with murderous attention, must solve the mystery of this haunting while at the same time trying to understand all that occurs in Minneapolis during a year of grief, astonishment, isolation, and furious reckoning. “The Sentence” begins on All Souls’ Day 2019 and ends on All Souls’ Day 2020. Its mystery and proliferating ghost stories during this one year propel a narrative as rich, emotional, and profound as anything Louise Erdrich has written.



The Deathwatch Beetle – Kjell Eriksson

 In this ninth entry of the ‘Ann Lindell’ series, four years have passed since Cecilia Karlsson disappeared from the island of Graso in Roslagen. When Ann Lindell receives a tip that she has been seen alive she cannot help getting involved, even though she is no longer with the police. At the same time, someone is hiding in a cottage in a remote part of the island. Someone who is looking for revenge.



Game On – Janet Evanovich

An Atria Stephanie Plum returns to hunt down a master cyber-criminal operating out of Trenton in the 28th book in the wildly popular series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Janet Evanovich.



The Christmas Promise – Richard Paul Evans

In this new novel from Richard Paul Evans, love and faith help restore light and warmth long thought dimmed, proving that the true magic of Christmas lies in the people we care for most. From the author of the ‘Noel Collection’.


57088642. sy475

Dark Tarot – Christine Feehan

Sandu Berdardi continues to exist only to protect his people. An ancient Carpathian, his entire long life has been dedicated to honor above all else. He knows his time has passed, especially since he has not been able to find his lifemate — the anchor to keep him sane in a world he no longer understands. But just as he truly starts to give up hope, a voice reaches out to him in the night and his world explodes into color.

Adalasia enters Sandu’s mind seamlessly, as if she has been a part of him forever. While she can see the shape of things to come in her deck of cards, her gift is both a blessing and a curse. The true course of Sandu’s quest remains unclear, with danger waiting at every turn. She cannot see everything the future holds, but she does know it is a journey they will take together.


57747930. sy475

Never – Ken Follett

The new must-read epic from master storyteller Ken Follett, ‘Never’ is an action-packed, globe-spanning spy thriller about brinkmanship, impossible decisions, and the unforeseen consequences that could lead to the next world war.



Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone – Diana Gabaldon

The past may seem the safest place to be . . . but it is the most dangerous time to be alive. . . .

Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall were torn apart by the Jacobite Rising in 1743, and it took them twenty years to find each other again. Now the American Revolution threatens to do the same.

The next volume in the “Outlander” saga.



Heard It In A Love Song – Tracey Garvis Graves

Layla and Josh are both recently divorced and still processing the end of their respective marriages. Equally cautious and confused about dating in a world that favours apps over meeting organically, Layla and Josh decide to be friends with the potential for something more. Sounds sensible and way too simple – but when two people are on the rebound, is it heartbreak or happiness that’s a love song away? From the author of ‘The Girl He Used to Know’ and ‘On the Island’, which is in development for a feature film.



The Hidden – Melanie Golding

Gregor, a seemingly single man, is found bludgeoned and left for dead in his apartment, but the discovery of children’s toys raises more questions than answers.

Every night, Ruby gazes into Gregor’s apartment, leading to the discovery of his secret family: his unusually silent daughter and his mentally unstable wife, Constance, who insists that she is descended from the mythological Selkies. She begs Ruby to aid in finding the sealskin that Gregor has hidden from her, making it impossible to return to her people.

DS Joanna Harper’s investigation into Gregor’s assault leads her to CCTV footage of the mother-daughter pair from town. Harper realizes she knows the woman almost as well as she knows herself: it’s her estranged daughter, Ruby. No matter the depth of Ruby’s involvement, she knows she will choose her daughter over her career.


56072572. sy475

The Midnight Hour – Elly Griffiths

In this sixth entry of the ‘Brighton’ mystery series, the Brighton police force is on the hunt for another killer, but this time they have some competition – a newly formed all-women’s private eye firm, led by none other than the police chiefs wife.



The Missing Piece – John Lescroart

In this 19th entry of the ‘Dismas Hardy’ series, master attorney Dismas Hardy asks PI Abe Glitsky to track down his client, who has suddenly disappeared. The search takes Glitsky through an investigative hall of mirrors populated by wounded parents, crooked cops, cheating spouses, and single-minded vigilantes.



The French Gift – Kirsty Manning

Bringing together the present and the past, ‘The French Gift’ is a gripping historical novel beginning in WWII, about murder and secrets, as well as female friendship, sacrifice and loss. From the author of ‘The Song of the Jade Lily’.


54864351. sy475

The Mirror Dance – Catriona McPherson

In this 15th entry of the ‘Dandy Gilver’ mystery series, something sinister is afoot in the streets of Dundee when a puppeteer is found murdered. At once, Dandy Gilver’s seemingly-innocuous investigation into plagiarism takes a darker turn. On meeting a mysterious professor from St Andrews, Dandy is flung into the worlds of academia, the theatre and publishing. Nothing is quite as it seems, and behind the cheerful facades of puppets and comic books, is a troubled history that has begun to repeat itself.



A Secret Never Told – Shelley Noble

‘Miss Fisher’ meets ‘Downton Abbey’ in ‘A Secret Never Told’, the fourth installment in the critically acclaimed ‘Lady Dunbridge Mystery’ series. When a guest is murdered at a dinner party, a man who Lady Dunbridge is intimately acquainted with becomes the prime suspect. Now its up to Lady Dunbridge, with the invaluable assistance of her intrepid butler and lady’s maid, to find the real culprit before the police nab the wrong person..



Fear No Evil – James Patterson

Dr. Alex Cross and Detective John Sampson venture into the rugged Montana wilderness—where they will be the prey.
They’re not on the job, but on a personal mission. 
Until they’re attacked by two rival teams of assassins, controlled by the same mastermind who has stalked Alex and his family for years. 
Darkness falls. The river churns into rapids. Shots ring out through the forest. 
No backup. No way out. Fear no evil.



Wish You Were Here – Jodi Picoult

Diana O’Toole might think she’s on track to continue living the life she wants, but a global virus means adapting, and her dream vacation with her boyfriend has turned into quarantine along in a foreign country. With time alone and nowhere to go, Diana examines the life she wanted, and if there could be more than perfect.



Arctic Sea – David Poyer

‘Arctic Sea’ is the 21st entry in David Poyer’s critically-acclaimed future war ‘Dan Lenson’ series. In the aftermath of a world war with China, Admiral Dan Lenson is sucked into a perilous covert mission when Moscow plans to test the Apocalyps, a nuclear powered citykiller torpedo, in the Arctic Sea. Will a barely victorious America survive this dangerous new threat?



The Becoming – Nora Roberts

In this second entry of the ‘Dragon Heart Legacy’ series, Breen Siobhan’s grandfather, the outcast god Odran, plots to destroy Talamh, and all must unite to defeat his dark forces. There will be losses and sorrows, betrayal and bloodshed. But through it, Breen will take the next step on the journey to becoming all that she was born to be.


57408095. sy475

Our Country Friends – Gary Shteyngart

Eight friends, one country house, four romances, and six months in isolation – ‘Our Country Friends’ is a powerful, emotionally rich novel about love, friendship, and betrayal, a book that takes place during the first months of the pandemic and written in real time. From the author of ‘Lake Success’.



Flying Angels – Danielle Steel

WWII brings together six remarkable young flight nurses, who face the challenges of war and its many heartbreaks and victories as unsung heroes, in this inspiring novel from Danielle Steel.



Termination Shock – Neal Stephenson

Neal Stephenson’s new novel transports readers to a near-future world where the greenhouse effect has resulted in a whirling-dervish troposphere of superstorms, rising sea levels, global flooding, merciless heat waves, and virulent, deadly pandemics. ‘Termination Shock’ sounds a clarion alarm, ponders potential solutions and dire risks, and wraps it all together in an exhilarating, mind-expanding adventure.



Do I Know You? – Sarah Strohmeyer

‘Do I Know You?’ is a lightning-paced psychological thriller about two women, a tragedy that connects them as teenagers, and the terrible reckoning that will decide their fates a decade later. Perfect for fans of Lisa Jewell, Liv Constantine, and Megan Miranda.



Final Spin – Jocko Willink

Johnny is stuck – living at home and watching after his brother while working as a stock boy is not what he dreamed about. But when he and his best friend, Goat, see an opportunity to break free of the monotony and take care of Johnny’s brother all in one shot, they jump on it. Now they’re on the run and about to find out the price for freedom.

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