YOUth Review: The Host by Stephenie Meyer

The Host is a phenomenal book. I am an enthusiastic fan of the Twilight saga, so when I heard about this other book my Stephanie Meyer, I thought ‘I have to read that!’. I started reading it after I got it for my birthday and have been hooked ever since. This novel is a science fiction romance book, but even as I dislike science fiction books, I found the book very entertaining and interesting, and overall great. 

The Host is about the invasion of aliens, in this case called ‘souls’ who are trying to take over humanity. These souls do not believe in violence whatever and disapprove of humans to the maximum, so their solution is to take over the human race to make them how they should be: perfect. This book follows the story of one soul when the consciousness of her human host refuses to give up. This book has a heartfelt tale, and how all is fair in love and war.  

In my opinion, I liked how real the situation seemed in the book. The Meyer did a very good job of thinking realistically and what they think would happen in that situation.  

I loved this book and would extremely recommend it. The book just gets better and better the farther you get into it, and soon you can’t out it down. If you are familiar with Stephanie Meyer’s other work, then this book is for you.  – M.D. 

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