New and Upcoming Fiction (Oct. 2021)

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Over My Dead Body – Jeffrey Archer

An unputdownable story of murder, revenge and betrayal from Jeffrey Archer – a rollercoaster fourth thriller in the ‘William Warwick’ series which takes detective Warwick to the cold case unit, on the hunt for someone who thinks they’ve gotten away with murder.



April in Spain – John Banville

Dublin pathologist Quirke thinks he catches a glimpse of April Latimer, a young woman who was murdered by her brother years ago. Unable to ignore his instincts, Quirke makes a call back home to Ireland and soon Detective St. John Strafford is dispatched to Spain. But he’s not the only one en route – a relentless hit man is on the hunt for his latest prey, and the next victim might be Quirke himself.



Down the Hatch – M.C. Beaton

The death of an old man known as “the Admiral” is ruled as an accident, but Agatha decides to investigate further after she receives an anonymous tip that the Admirals death was no accident. Agatha soon becomes enmeshed in the Admirals dark and shady past, and when she’s run off the road, narrowly escaping with her life, it becomes clear that someone doesn’t want the case closed – and will stop at nothing to prevent Agatha from solving it.



Rabbit Hole – Mark Billingham

They were meant to be safe on Fleet Ward: psychiatric patients monitored, treated, cared for. But now one of their number is found murdered, and the accusations begin to fly. Was it one of his fellow patients? A member of staff? Or did someone come in from the outside? DC Alice Armitage is methodical, tireless, and she’s quickly on the trail of the killer. The only problem is, Alice is a patient too.


56682644. sy475

God Rest Ye, Royal Gentlemen – Rhys Bowen

Lady Georgiana Rannoch is hanging the stockings with care when a murder interrupts her holiday cheer in this all-new installment in the New York Times bestselling Royal Spyness series from Rhys Bowen.



Better off Dead – Lee Child

Jack Reacher is back in the brand-new, page-turning thriller from acclaimed #1 bestselling authors Lee Child and Andrew Child. Reacher isn’t one to back down from a fight. And when a shadowy crew raises the stakes, he won’t hesitate to teach them a lesson: When you pick a fight with Reacher, you’re better off dead.



Twisted Tea Christmas – Laura Childs

A haunted house with a real-life corpse land tea maven Theodosia Browning in hot water in this latest installment of the New York Times bestselling series. 



State of Terror – Hilary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny

From Hillary Clinton and Louise Penny comes a novel of unsurpassed thrills and incomparable insider expertise – ‘State of Terror’. This high-stakes thriller of international intrigue features behind-the-scenes global drama informed by details only an insider could know.


55977557. sy475

The Nameless Ones – John Connolly

The remains of friends of the assassin known only as Louis are found in an Amsterdam canal. The Siberian war criminals responsible believe they can escape retribution by retreating to their homeland. They are wrong, for Louis has come to Europe to hunt them down: five killers to be found and punished before they can vanish. There is just one problem. The sixth.



Binge – Douglas Coupland

Here the narrators vary from story to story as Doug catches what he calls “the voice of the people,” inspired by the way we write about ourselves and our experiences in online forums. The characters, of course, are Doug’s own: crackpots, cranks and sweetie-pies, dad dancers and perpetrators of carbecues. People in the grip of unconscionable urges; lonely people; dying people; silly people.


55881796. sy475

Crossroads – Jonathan Franzen

It’s December 23, 1971, and the Hildebrandt family is at a crossroads. Each of the Hildebrandt’s seeks a freedom that each of the others threatens to complicate. Family drama, emotional baggage and torrid pasts come together for the holidays.



The Judge’s List – John Grisham

As an investigator for the Florida Board on Judicial Conduct, Lacy Stoltz sees plenty of corruption among the men and women elected to the bench. In “The Whistler”, she took on a crime syndicate that was paying millions to a crooked judge. Now, the crimes are even worse. The man hiding behind the black robe is not taking bribes–but he may be taking lives.



The Apollo Murders – Chris Hadfield

The far side of the Moon, 1973. Three astronauts are trapped in a tiny Apollo module, and one of them has murder on the mind . . . Strap in and count down for the ride of a lifetime.



Once Upon a Wardrobe – Patti Callahan Henry

From Patti Callahan, comes an enchanting story that pulls back the curtain on the early life of C. S. Lewis. ‘Once Upon a Wardrobe’ is a beautiful story inspired by C. S. Lewis’ ability to change the world and captivate hearts – including those of a terminally ill boy and his logic-driven sister.



The Book of Magic – Alice Hoffman

 In this conclusion to Alice Hoffman’s ‘Practical Magic’ series, a frantic attempt to save a young mans life spurs three generations of the Owens women, and one long-lost brother, to use their unusual gifts to break the family curse as they travel from Paris to London to the English countryside where their ancestor Maria Owens first practiced the Unnamed Art.



A Line to Kill – Anthony Horowitz

In this third whodunit featuring ex-Detective Inspector Daniel Hawthorne and his sidekick, author Anthony Horowitz, Hawthorne and Horowitz are invited to an exclusive literary festival on an island off the south coast of England. But they don’t expect to find themselves in the middle of murder investigation – or to be trapped with a cold-blooded killer in a remote place with a murky, haunted past.



Forgiving Paris – Karen Kingsbury

More than two decades ago, Ashley Baxter Blake made her most grievous mistake in Paris. Now, a forgotten voice brings new information about that terrible time, causing Ashley to see that experience in a new light. Can she finally lay down yesterdays pain and move on?



A Holly Jolly Diwali – Sonya Lalli

In ‘A Holly Jolly Diwali’, a type-A data analyst discovers her free-spirited side on an impulsive journey from bustling Mumbai to the gorgeous beaches of Goa and finds love waiting for her on Christmas morning.


Silverview by John le Carré | Penguin Random House Canada

Silverview – John le Carre

Julian Lawndsley has renounced his high-flying job in the city for a simpler life running a bookshop in a small English seaside town. But only a couple of months into his new career, Julian’s evening is disrupted by a visitor. “Silverview” is the mesmerizing story of an encounter between innocence and experience and between public duty and private morals.



Diamond and the Eye – Peter Lovesey

A Bath antiques dealer has disappeared, and detective Peter Diamond has been saddled with the “help” of a hardboiled Philip Marlowe wannabe private investigator in cracking the case. MWA Grand Master Peter Lovesey’s 20th installment in the award-winning ‘Detective Peter Diamond’ series will have readers laughing from the first page.


57392462. sx318

Dear Santa – Debbie Macomber

A special holiday wish list brings about hope, love, and second chances in ‘Dear Santa’, the new nostalgic novel from the queen of Christmas stories, Debbie Macomber.



The Brides of Maracoor – Gregory Macguire

A new series for Oz fanatics, “The Brides of Maracoor” is the first in a three-book series spun off the iconic ‘Wicked Years’ series, featuring Elphaba’s granddaughter, the green-skinned Rain. ‘Wicked’, now a beloved classic, is the basis for the blockbuster Tony Award-winning Broadway musical.



Pearl – Josh Malerman

There’s something strange about Walter Kopples’ farm. At first it seems to be his grandson, who cruelly murders one of Walter’s pigs. But then the rumours begin – people in town whisper that Walters pig, Pearl, commanded his grandson to kill. Walter is not sure what to believe. But as madness and paranoia grip the town and the townspeople descend on Walters farm with violent wrath, Walter begins to wonder if true evil wears a human face.



The Joy and Light Bus Company – Alexander McCall Smith

In this 22nd entry of the ‘No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency’, Precious Ramotswe has a loving family, good friends, and a thriving business doing what she enjoys most: helping people. But the latest mystery she is called upon to solve is distinctly trickier than it initially appears.



1979 – Val McDermid

For journalist Allie Burns, someone else’s bad news was the unmistakable sound of opportunity knocking, and the year is ripe with possibilities. She strikes up an alliance with wannabe investigative journalist Danny Sullivan. From the start, their stories create enemies. First an international tax fraud, then a potential Scottish terrorist group aiming to cause mayhem ahead of the impending devolution referendum. And then Danny is found murdered in his flat.



The Vinyl Cafe Celebrates – Stuart McLean

Stuart McLean entered the hearts and homes of Canadians via The Vinyl Cafe radio show, his many tours across the country, and multiple books. His charming, humane, and side-splitting stories brought the trials and triumphs of Dave, Morley, Sam, and Stephanie to life, and made their memorable circle of friends, family, and neighbours as real as our own. This collection is both timely and timeless, a rich celebration of Stuart McLean’s inimitable voice, and of the importance of love, community, kindness, and the healing power of laughter.



Three Sisters – Heather Morris

In ‘Three Sisters’, three Slovakian sisters escape the concentration camp Auschwitz and travel to Israel, to their new home. But the battle for freedom takes on new forms. Livia, Magda, and Cibi must face the ghosts of their past – and some secrets that they have kept from each other – to find true peace and happiness.


57001544. sy475

The Jealousy Man and Other Stories – Jo Nesbø

Jo Nesbo is the consummate mystery writer, and his talent for hair-raising suspense and shocking twists are on full display in this inventive and harrowing collection of stories. Contained in this collection are stories of insatiable avarice, unscrupulous lovers, and heartrending fate. With Nesbo’s gift for outstanding atmosphere and complex characters, this is a veritable crime lover’s delight.


57032723. sy475

2 Sisters Detective Agency – James Patterson and Candice Fox

Attorney Rhonda Bird returns home after a long estrangement when she learns her father has died. There she makes two important discoveries: her father stopped being an accountant and had opened up a private detective agency, and she has a teenage half sister named Baby. Baby brings in a client to the detective agency, a young man who claims he was abducted.



It’s a Wonderful Woof – Spencer Quinn

 ‘It’s a Wonderful Woof’ is a holiday adventure and the 12th entry in the ‘Chet & Bernie’ mystery series. When fellow private eye Victor Klovsky and his client disappear, Chet and Bernie are hired to find them. No one is better than Chet at nosing out buried secrets, but before he can, he and Bernie are forced to take flight themselves, chased through a Christmas Eve blizzard by a murderous foe who loves art all too much.


56344468. sy475

When You Are Mine – Michael Robotham

Philomena McCarthy has become a promising young officer with the Police despite being the daughter of a London gangster. Called to the scene of a domestic assault, she rescues a young woman, Tempe Brown, the girlfriend of a decorated detective. Determined to protect each other, the two women strike up a friendship, though something isn’t quite right about the stories Tempe tells. And when a journalist with links to Phil’s father and to the detective is murdered, Phil doesn’t know where to turn, who to blame or who she can trust.



Best In Snow – David Rosenfelt

Lawyer Andy Carpenter and his golden retriever, Tara, are on the beat after a body turns up in the snow and a journalist is nowhere to be found in this 24th entry of the ‘Andy Carpenter’ series.



The Secret of Snow – Viola Shipman

When SoCal meteorologist Sonny Dunes is replaced by an AI meteorologist, the only station willing to give the 50-year-old another shot is in her northern Michigan hometown. To reclaim her success, Sonny decides to throw herself headfirst into all things winter, culminating with the towns famed Winter Ice Sculpture Contest. Running the events is a widowed father, whose genuine love of Michigan, winter and Sonny just might thaw her heart and restart her life in a way she never could have predicted.


The Doll: Sigurdardottir, Yrsa: 9781473693524: Books -

The Doll – Yrsa Sigurdardottir

 It was meant to be a quiet family fishing trip, a chance for mother and daughter to talk. But it changes the course of their lives forever. ‘The Doll’ is the fifth entry of the ‘Freyja and Huldar’ series by Yrsa Sigurdardottir.



Fan Fiction: A Mem-Noir : Inspired by True Events – Brent Spiner

Set in 1991, just as ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ has rocketed the cast to global fame, ‘Fan Fiction’ is a personal look at the slightly askew view of the relationship between a celebrity and his fans. If the Coen Brothers were to make a ‘Star Trek’ movie, involving the complexity of fan obsession and sci-fi, this debut noir comedy might just be the one. Brent Spiner is an actor, comedian, and singer best known for playing the android Lieutenant Commander Data on ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ from 1987-1994.


56786084. sy475

The Butler – Danielle Steel

Joachim, raised in Buenos Aires with a twin who has disappeared, begins training to be a butler, fascinated by the precision and intense demands. Olivia White has given ten years of her life to her magazine, which failed, taking all her dreams with it. She heads to Paris to reinvent herself and needs help setting up a home in a charming Parisian apartment. Joachim takes a job working for Olivia as a lark and enjoys the whimsy of a different life. At the same time, Joachim discovers the family history he never knew: a criminal grandfather who died in prison, the wealthy father who abandoned him, and the dangerous criminal his twin has become.



Oh William! – Elizabeth Strout

In ‘Oh William!’, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Elizabeth Strout traces the enduring bond between a divorced couple in a poignant novel about love, loss, and the family secrets that can erupt and bewilder us at any point in life.



An Irish Country Yuletide – Patrick Taylor

In this 16th entry of the ‘Irish Country Books’, ’tis the season once again in the cozy Irish village of Ballybucklebo. But this season brings its fair share of challenges, including a black-sheep brother hoping to reconcile with his estranged family, an outbreak of chickenpox, and a sick little girl whose faith in Christmas is in danger of being crushed. It’s up to Doctor Fingal O’Reilly to make sure that Ballybucklebo has a Christmas it will never forget!


Foul Play by Stuart Woods: 9780593331699 | Books

Foul Play – Stuart Woods

Stone Barrington is nearing his New York City abode when he stumbles into trouble. As it turns out, a new client is in danger–and with both business and the safety of the city at stake, Stone has no choice but to get involved.

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