YOUth Review: Out of My Mind by Sharon M Draper

book coverI had this book on the backburner for literally years. I remember a friend from school reading it, and saying it was good. You may or may not know the thirty-three-chapter novel ‘Out of my Mind’ by Sharon M. Draper but it is about a girl, Melody Brooks, who has cerebral palsy – which means she can’t walk, talk, or even eat by herself. She remembers almost everything, but because of her disability, she has to keep it all inside of herself. ‘Out of my Mind’ is all about what Melody deals with and her challenges. The reader follows her as she goes through grade five.

I liked this book. All of the book is good but the first ten or so chapters in the book are kind of like trying to start up a really old car, you turn the key over and over again. Then when the car actually starts running, and you get on the road it drives smoothly. The book after the first ten chapters are like that smooth ride.

In my opinion, I really like how this book realistically shows the challenges she faces. Even though ‘Out of my Mind’ is a fictional book I still find it neat to learn about some of the struggles people with physical disabilities (like Melody) have to live with on a daily basis.

I really liked this book and I really recommend it. If you like the book Wonder I recommend this book, both Wonder and ‘Out of my Mind’ have very similar themes.

– Coral H.

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