YOUth Review: Winterkeep by Kristen Cashore

Kristen Cashore’s book, Winterkeep, coincides perfectly with her last three books in such an unexpecting, wonderful way. We begin with Queen Bitterblue, who, under the suspicious sinking of the Seashell and the resulting death of her envoys, must travel to a newly discovered continent in the north, Torla. On her way to the closest nation,... Continue Reading →


And we're back! After a summer break, Read This Next returns with all-new episodes and themes. Today we're all about the high seas (or the wide open oceans of space) with books about pirates. Listen to the episode on your favourite podcast platform by searching for Read This Next or watch on our YouTube channel (also... Continue Reading →

Interview with Roy Blomstrom

Roy Blomstrom, born in Port Arthur (now Thunder Bay), Ontario, is the son of Finland-Swede parents who lived through the Finnish Civil War and came to Canada. His first novel, Silences: A Novel of the 1918 Finnish Civil War, was shortlisted for the Whistler Independent Book Award and the Northern Lit award. Roy has published... Continue Reading →

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