All different kinds of mysteries this week! We’ve got YA, Agatha-Christie inspired, dark suspenseful thrillers, and more. Two side notes this week: we included The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse as a pick, and it is a well-reviewed title (by some outlets, although Kirkus ends their review with an understated “Oh dear”). As stated in the episode, I (Laura) had been waiting to read the book for a while and my hold had finally come in a day before filming. I read it that week and let’s just say that if we hadn’t already released the episode, I would have removed that recommendation. We usually only share positive reviews, so I won’t say anything more, but if you were intrigued by the basics of the plot, try Death in the Family by Tessa Wegert instead (previously recommended in our Closed Circle Mysteries episode). Secondly, I mentioned the story about a young man pretending to be missing child – here’s a link to a New Yorker story about the imposter.

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