YOUth Review: Restart by Gordon Korman

Book coverImagine waking up, and looking around, and having no idea where you are.  Imagine waking up and looking around at blobs of color on the wall, voices that you can’t process.  Imagine waking up and smelling stinky sheets, and stale food.  Imagine waking up and having no clue who you are, or what to do.

Well, this is what happened to Chase. After Chase falls off the roof of his house, he has to start over… restart, from the very beginning.

First with his name, then friends then family.  As Chase does this, he notices that every person acts differently with him, and he wonders why.  Soon he figures out that he used to be a scary, mean, selfish, greedy boy.  But after he lost his memory, and had to restart, he doesn’t want that same life anymore.

I really, really liked this book.  It was short, but I couldn’t put it down until I was done. I liked it because it was so descriptive and captivating.  Whenever I thought I knew what was coming next, a different turn I never would have guessed came along.  I also started to think about Chase’s experience and connect it with my own life.  This book showed that just because we used to be or do something, doesn’t mean we always have to do something.  “It is never too late to change ”, is the motto of this book, and that motto stuck with me.  I liked how this fictional book could seem so real life, and I found myself starting to connect with the characters, feeling what they were feeling.

If you are looking for a short, feel-good read that will leave you happy, excited, and inspired, then you’ve found the right book!  (Make sure that it’s okay if you’re noisy though because there will be some really good laughs!)

– Rachel L

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