YOUth Review: Waiting to be Heard by Amanda Knox

Waiting to be Heard by Amanda KnoxDo you like true crime? Or what about wrongful convictions? If you do, you are sure to enjoy this Amanda Knox memoir. Waiting to be Heard is a story that broke my heart.

Amanda is a college student wanting to expand her horizons to learn what it means to be an adult on her own. She travels to the city of Perugia, Italy, and wishes to learn Italian there as she immerses herself in the culture as an exchange student. Things go terribly wrong when one of her roommates, Meredith Kercher, was found in their villa, brutally murdered. Naïve Amanda does all she can to try to help Italian police find the killer, until one day she finds herself in prison being accused of her roommate and friend’s murder.

This memoir follows Amanda’s journey from before she left for Italy until she was ultimately acquitted and went home to Seattle to live the rest of her life. The harrowing journey of a grueling murder, exhausting interrogations, anxiety, sleepless prison nights, and trial after trial. Amanda finally gets the world to see who she truly is.

I personally enjoyed this memoir. Amanda’s optimism in her tough situation inspired me. Although it seemed like it took forever to get to the good parts of the book, I did enjoy reading it for the most part. I give this book a full five stars because it isn’t really common to come across such a unique true story and I thought it offered a really interesting perspective on life.

-Isabella D.

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