Kanopy Picks for Canadian Mental Health Week

May 3rd – 9th was Canadian Mental Health Week. Check out one of these FREE-to-stream videos on the topic of Mental Health.

These videos are available through TBPL’s new video streaming service Kanopy, available on your smart TV, Roku, tablet, and more. Each month, you can view four different films from this service. Visit our webpage for more info and how to get started.

Assessing Children’s Mental Health : A practicing clinician’s summary of the process involved in the assessment of children and young adults.

Young People and Mental Health : Mental health problems affect one in five of us every year, and many of these conditions first affect people during their teenage years. Anxiety disorders, depression and other forms of mental illness are highly distressing and confusing for the person who experiences them, and for their families and friends too. Thankfully, there are effective treatments, so the sooner someone seeks help and receives a diagnosis, the sooner they can be helped and get on with their lives again. This Speaking from Experience video features eight young people who share their experiences of dealing with mental health issues. It was produced in partnership with Orygen Youth Health, SANE Australia and Aboriginal Medical Service of Western Sydney.

The Science of Natural Healing – Natural Approaches to Mental Health : Holistic medicine also offers many avenues for responding to issues of mental health and well-being. Here, explore research on the role of nutrition and nutrient deficiencies in depression and bipolar disorder. Consider holistic approaches to treating depression, including the specific uses of diet, exercise, herbal remedies, and light therapy.

Mini Mental Health Assessment – Aged : Conducting a Mini Mental Health Assessment on an aged person and its potential implications.

Spirituality in Mental Health Care : This video focuses on two clients: one diagnosed with schizophrenia and one diagnosed with manic depressive illness. It explains the rationale for incorporating spirituality into mental health care. Expressions of spirituality that nurture mental health are described. How a mental illness could impact a person’s life, including the spiritual dimension, is explored. Unique aspects relative to mental illness that have implications for spiritual care are discussed. Key spiritual issues and needs experienced by persons who have a mental illness are identified. The role of the nurse in providing spiritual care to persons experiencing mental illness is illustrated throughout the video.

Employee Training The Art of Common Sense & Critical Thinking: Mental & Physical Health : In this program we’ll learn if common sense can be learned and the many pet peeves people have on others unaware behavior. We’ll learn the components and benefits of critical thinking. Examined is how critical thinking, common sense and common courtesy affected your development as a child, how it shapes your views on tolerance, diversity, and stereotypes, how it affects your relationships, daily travels, and your workplace, and how it impacts your physical and mental health.

Crisis Intervention – An Overview : ‘Crisis Intervention – An Overview’ is part of a series of films from Mental Health Education. This playlist includes introductions to the Crisis Intervention Model, an assessment of a person experiencing a personal crisis and tools for successful interventions to unlock potential.

Generalised Anxiety Assessment : ‘Generalised Anxiety Assessment’ is part of a series of films from Mental Health Education. Discusses the following topics: Generalised anxiety assessment. Being alert to the presence of mood and effective symptoms. A psychiatric assessment with a person who displays more severe signs of depressive symptoms.


Little Lunch – The Body Bus : After the kids think they see a health van in the playground, Debra-Jo becomes anxious that she has headlice

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