YOUth Review: Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Caraval - Stephanie GarberCaraval, a wickedly interesting book about a man in a hat and a girl lost in tricks and magic.

It all begins on an island with two daughters of a ruthless governor, desperate for escape. He angers over the simplest things and Scarlett and Donatella have two very different ways of dealing with his punishments: Scarlett lives in fear and submission while Tella longs to run free.

One day, a strange man meets their encounter and somehow, Scarlett is on an island, finally attending the circus shows she’s always dreamt of – Caraval. A man, known as Legend, created them and people who get invited must find clues to the grand prize, a wish, or so Scarlett is told. People even whisper of magic being involved, but who really knows?

Scarlett never wanted this in the first place, she just wants to keep her sister safe from the world, and from their father. She has little choice but to endure.

This book is close to an Alice in Wonderland type with strange people and stranger rules to follow. I really like how the author, Stephanie Garber, pulled me in from the very beginning and tied most loose ends by the last page. The character’s traits mend perfectly together to create a grand story of mystery and secrets and I think those of you who enjoy romance, adventure, and mystery will absolutely love this book.

Caraval creates a world of confusion and has you guessing at pointless truths. You’ll never know what will happen until it does. The world you’re introduced to is full of deception, deceit, and things you could only dream of.

And finally: “Remember, it’s only a game…

-Grace De Prophetis

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