YOUth Review: Wonder women : 25 innovators, inventors, and trailblazers who changed history by Sam Maggs

Book cover: Wonder Women by Sam MaggsThis was an incredibly interesting and inspiring book for anyone.  Girls, boys, teenagers, adults, I really believe that anyone would enjoy reading this book.

It is set up quite differently from your average book.  On each page, there is a new biography, explaining what each woman did, her accomplishment, her journey, her life, and of course the hardships.  You may think that this sounds really boring, but it is the opposite.  You will learn about incredibly courageous, hard-working, smart, and determined women….people who changed history, and made our world what it is today.  What would we have done without women like Alice Ball, who developed an effective treatment for leprosy – only to have her credit taken by a man?  And what about Mary Sherman Morgan?  The rocket scientist who liquid fuel compounds blasted the first U.S satellite into orbit.  There is Katina Kraft, geologist, and volcanologist, who researched and documented most of the footage of volcano eruptions that we have, eventually sacrificing her life so that we may have more knowledge about how volcanoes work.  In Sam Maggs’s incredibly interesting and inspiring book, we meet 25 trailblazers, who really did change history.  Along with Sophia Foster-Dimino’s beautiful pictures on one page, and Sam Maggs’ informative biography on the next page……this was truly an amazing book!

— Rachel L

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