YOUth Review: Wonder by RJ Palacio

This has been one of my all-time favourite books, and I was thrilled when I could watch this book as a movie after.

This book follows August Pullman, who was born with facial differences that have made him a target of bullies, low self-esteem, and prevented him from going to public school… until he and his family decide that it’s time for him to go to middle school.  This book follows August meeting new friends, teachers, and discovering new routines.  August has to leave his astronaut helmet, the one he never takes off, at home.  August, who is very observant of people’s shoes, because he always looks down, finally learns to raise his head.  August makes friends, then has his heartbroken, before accomplishing his wildest dream.  This is an extremely heart-warming and inspirational book!

I love how the point-of-view of the book changes throughout the book.  Some chapters are told by August, some chapters are told by August’s friend, some chapters are told by August’s older sister or August’s Mom.  It makes the book very interesting.  Each chapter brought out a different message and feeling, sometimes it was sad, sometimes it was energetic, sometimes it was happy, or sometimes it was frustration.  Any kid who is facing challenging times will find this book very comforting and inspiring!  Once you read the book, don’t forget to watch the movie, too!

Rachel L

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