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Read This Next BannerAre you a reader who likes personal recommendations and some conversation about their next reads, but doesn’t have time to watch a video episode? The Read This Next podcast is here for you! Find us on your favourite podcast platform like Apple podcasts or Stitcher and search for Read This Next. You can stream or download a new episode every week.

The Library continually works to make sure the best books are available to you, both in branch, and virtually on cloudLibrary. However, with so much choice, it can be hard to narrow down what you’d like to read. You could easily use one of the many online services we have on our website (check out or scour the Internet for new books to add to your to-read shelf, but what’s the fun in that? You could be listening to your new best book friends!

Every week, Laura and I talk about genre hits, what books we want to read, what’s popular, and we want you to be a part of it! Don’t worry — Laura and I have very different tastes in books and like to try new things, so every genre gets covered. If you don’t like one week’s topic, check out our archive and you’re sure to find something that interests you. Some of Laura’s favourite books are contemporary and literary fiction, stories with small casts, thrillers, and horror. I like fantasy, paranormal fiction, slow burn romance, and more. We both like sci-fi and discovered last season that we also both like zombies and westerns!

You can listen in on Tuesdays on any podcast platform or find each episode on the Library’s TBayPL YouTube channel. Just search Read This Next and become a subscriber. We read all of our comments and would love to hear what topics you’d like us to cover. Generally, we discuss 4-6 books in a genre that sound awesome. We also share a personal reading recommendation — AKA sure-fire hits that we absolutely loved reading.

As an added bonus, we keep track of titles we’ve discussed and their descriptions on the blog and on the Read This Next page. This way, you can relax, put the pen away and find the titles later. All the books we discuss are either available in the Library’s physical collection or on the cloudLibrary app.

We want to help you find new genres to love, new authors to rave about, and books you just can’t put down. The Library misses you. Come hang out with us online until we can meet again in person.  Don’t have a library card yet? Just send an email to or call us at 345-8275 (Monday to Friday, 10 am to 4 pm) and we’ll hook you up with a card.

Nicole Koroscil – If you have a comment about today’s column, we would love to hear from you.

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