Teens Review: Rocket Man, by Jan L. Coates

Image of a basketball going through a basketball hoopI just don’t get it!” Bob exclaimed to his older brother James.

“I tried so hard, it was my best tryout yet,” Bob stomps off.

Have you ever felt like that?  That you’ve tried your very, very hardest, and still disappointed someone.  Well I know I have, and that is why this is such a great book; because you get pulled into the book.

This story is about Bob struggling through middle school.  The usual… bullies, friends, basketball, possible girl-friends, family, cancer.  Wait, what!  Cancer?!

That’s exactly how Bob reacted when his mother told him that his father had been diagnosed with cancer.

The father who had played basketball with him every night after supper.  The dad who told him to never give up.  The dad who taught him how to canoe, and gave him his special basketball shoes.  That dad… his dad.

Bob finds himself not knowing how to feel, or how to act, as his Dad gets weaker and weaker… his mom sadder and sadder… his brother becomes more and more famous.

It’s too much.

Throughout this whole book, I could relate to what the main character, Bob, is feeling.  I like how the main part of the book is sports, and how I never know what is going to happen next.  I just wish that the book was longer, because I thought that the ending was unsatisfying, and I wish I could know more about what happened!  I also like how although the book was a little sad, the author, Jan L. Coates incorporates humor to lighten the mood, making it a nice atmosphere.

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