Teens Review: No Fixed Address by Susin Nielsen

No fixed address – by Susin Nielsen

Have you ever moved schools?  Been forced to make new friends?  Have you ever felt how unfair it is that grown-ups get to make all the desicions?  Well, these are all things that Felix thinks, as he sits in the tiny van that his step-mom, Astrid, said would only be “temporary.”  The same step-mom who got drunk, couldn’t hold down a job, stole, and was in and out of jail.  “It’s only temporary,”  Astrid would always say, or, “you have to listen to me,”  or “I know what’s best for you.” At first, Felix is excited and happy with the thought of camping out in a tiny van for a couple days until his mom gets back on her feet……but as the days turned into weeks, and weeks to months, it is no longer fun and happy.

Felix is longing for water, clean clothes, actual food, and a house to call home.

As Felix and his mom get more and more desperate, they start stealing food, stuffing groceries into their pockets, and asking for loans from friends.

This book was so sad, and I felt so bad, yet so filled with compassion, wanting to help, wanting to do something.  Name any emotion you can think of, and this book had it.  Name any possible bad-thing-that-could-happen, and this book had that.  I loved the tingly feeling in my fingers I got when I read this book.  That tingly feeling that makes you inspired, that’s how I felt after reading No Fixed address.  This was an extremely captivating, exciting, motivational, and energetic book.  This book focuses on getting up when you fall, and I learned that it is okay to have regrets and mistakes, but it is what you learn from them that really counts.  My only complaint is that it wasn’t long enough!

Rachel L.

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