New Picture Book Choices

New Picture Books bannerDespite all the challenges children are facing in today’s world, one thing is still a constant: Thunder Bay Public Library continues to add some fabulous new picture books to our collection, and this is a great opportunity to showcase some new favourites!

cover of I Am BrownI Am Brown is a gorgeous new picture book written by Ashok Banker and illustrated by Sandhya Prabhat. This story is heavy on the visuals, with bold, colourful illustrations. The text is simple, and the reader can follow through the pages meeting a variety of different children. Your little reader can connect with each of the characters as they play, work, live, and love. I Am Brown is a celebration of all the things a child can be.

Princesses Versus Dinosaurs written by Linda Bailey and illustrated by Joy Ang has a ton of appeal for children. This is a really fun book for reading aloud, and characters are illustrated with inclusivity in mind. The princesses are not your typical posh girls in frilly dresses and they are prepared to battle it out with the dinos to determine whose book this really is! Engaging and enjoyable, with a final message of empathy, this will appeal to a range of audiences.

From the author of Peanut Butter & Cupcake comes a silly and slightly spooky new story called Scaredy Snacks! Terry Border is both author and illustrator of this book, and while it would make a perfect Hallowe’en read, it is still great for a laugh any time of year. With characters named Sprinkles, Cheese Doodle, and Pretzel, you know this will be funny. The three friends want to meet their new neighbour, Dr. Nuttenstein, but their knocks on the door are met with silence. What should they do? What DO they do? Read on to find out.

It isn’t easy to find a picture book that allows a child grappling with the divorce of their parents to identify with the characters. Weekend Dad is a story that really tugs at your heartstrings. Written by Naseem Hrab, and filled with Frank Viva’s muted illustrations, Weekend Dad follows a little boy from his dad’s departure from the family home, through the week leading up to the boy’s first weekend visit to his father’s new apartment. The author’s use of repetition helps to emphasize the idea of a child having two homes, and is worth a read to expose all children to the different ways a family can be made up.

Science and magic in the same book? Sure, why not! Solid, Liquid, Gassy is the second in the Fairy Science collection by Canadian author and illustrator Ashley Spires. Solid, Liquid, Gassy is a charming, delightful introduction to the water cycle. Fairies Fig and Clover join Esther, the fairy who shockingly doesn’t believe in magic, as they attempt to determine how and why the local pond has suddenly disappeared.

cover of You Don't Want a DragonIf you enjoyed the books Horrible Bear! and Read the Book, Lemmings! you will want to get your hands on author Ame Dyckman’s You Don’t Want a Dragon! This hilarious follow up to You Don’t Want a Unicorn! is illustrated in fun colours by Liz Climo, and is a perfect choice for opening a conversation with children about being careful what you wish for. Our main character is a child who desperately wishes for a dragon and believes it will make a perfect pet, but he just may be surprised.

Thunder Bay Public Library staff, even with Covid-19 restrictions, are always here to help you discover an engaging, entertaining, or educational new book to enjoy with your child. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone at 345-TBPL or email

Jana O’Flaherty – If you have a comment about today’s column, we would love to hear from you.

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