New Fiction November 2020 at TBPL

Brackston, PaulaThe Garden of Promises and Lies
Brooks, KarenThe Lady Brewer of London
Brown, Rita MaeOut of Hounds
Bruen, KenA Galway Epiphany
Cameron, MarcShadow of the Dragon
Childs, LauraEgg Shooters
Clark, Mary Higgins & Alafair BurkePiece of my Heart
Connelly, MichaelThe Law of Innocence
Duncan, Elizabeth J.On Deadly Tides
Ekback, CeciliaThe Historians
Eriksson, KjellThe Night of Fire
Evanovich, JanetFortune & Glory
Gregory, PhilippaDark Tides
Haddam, JaneOne of Our Own
Hagberg, DavidMcGarvey
Harper, KarenUnder the Alaskan Ice
Hayes-McCoy, FelicityThe Transatlantic Book Club
Horowitz, AnthonyMoonflower Murders
Joyce, RachelMiss Benson’s Beetle
Kepler, LarsLazarus
Kuang, R.F.The Burning God
Lethem, JonathanThe Arrest
Palmer, DianaWyoming True
Patterson, JamesDeadly Cross
Perry, AnneA Christmas Resolution
Rankin, IanA Song for the Dark Times
Roberts, NoraThe Awakening
Rowland, Laura JohPortrait of Peril
Ryan, MadeleineA Room Called Earth
Saviano, RobertoSavage Kiss
Smiley, JanePerestroika in Paris
Steel, DanielleAll that Glitters
Woods, StuartHush-Hush

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