NEW! Free Resources From TBPL

In our May 2 column we mentioned that many groups and organizations have stepped up to make their resources free during this pandemic. Businesses that typically sell online products to libraries have also been allowing free access for short periods of time, usually a month or two. Today we’ll be looking at a few that... Continue Reading →

Decolonize Your Reading List

People often say that they don’t have enough time to read. The truth is, we do have enough time to read, it’s just that our free time is stolen by endless scrolling on our smartphones. But what if that time could be redeemed and used to enjoy a new book?  Now, more than ever, is... Continue Reading →

Online Library Resources for Kids

As you may have noticed over the last several weeks, Thunder Bay Public Library has a myriad of online resources available to our community.  A lot of them are geared to adults and teens, but we do have a core set which are for children.  While it’s tempting to draw a hard line between those... Continue Reading →

Around the world, many groups and organizations have stepped up to make recreational and educational content available for free as households work together to stay home and flatten the curve. It is very exciting to see Shakespeare’s Globe Theater performances available online, or for Marvel Comics to offer free access to some of their most... Continue Reading →

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