RB Digital: What Everyone Needs Right Now

Magazine cover collageAre you one of those people who are making the most of your social isolation time to get projects done and learn new things? Or are you on the side of feeling pressure and some anxiety when you see those inspirational quotes to be productive? With two young kids at home while also working from home, I am definitely less productive with personal projects – but to each their own! Our reactions and coping strategies are all okay, no matter what they are.  

Whatever your needs or goals are during this time, don’t forget that the library has your back.  Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been highlighting some of our great digital resources, and we’ll continue to do so going forward. But for today, let me introduce you to RB Digital. It’s the perfect resource for people looking for new projects AND for those of us feeling overwhelmed with life right now who just need a little escape or support.

RB Digital offers full-color digital magazines for anytime, anywhere reading on your computer, smartphone or tablet, and the content available is what we all need right now! For you go-getters,  this might feel like the perfect time for some small home renovation or organization projects. RB Digital has you covered. Give HGTV Magazine, Family Handyman, or House Beautiful Magazine a try. Better Homes and Gardens Magazine even has a Secrets of Getting organized issue. Are you excited to get to work on your garden, or to try gardening out for the first time? Canadian Gardening and Garden Making are both available on RB Digital. If the constant barrage of news cycles isn’t too much for you already, maybe you’re the perfect candidate for some high quality think pieces in magazines such as The New Yorker or The Economist. And, of course, there are all of the healthy living and exercise magazines you could ever need (I see all you joggers out there, and I appreciate you, even when I have a hard time getting out of my pyjamas!). 

For those of us who are struggling a bit with all of the turmoil in our lives, RB Digital also offers some great options. Maybe some baking therapy is what you need? Like me, maybe you’ve already been baking up a storm with your kids and you need some new ideas? Try out Bon Appetit Magazine or Canadian Living. For those of us having a hard time managing our children at the moment, maybe Parents magazine can help. If you need a bit of an escape from the stress, there’s a full gamut of fashion magazines and celebrity gossip available. 

The list of options really is quite exhaustive, take a look and find that perfect magazine that meets your current needs – whatever that might be. Find the link to RB Digital on the TBPL website at http://www.tbpl.ca/emagazines. Our collection of magazines on RB Digital includes both current and backlist issues and there are no holds, no checkout periods and no limits to how many magazines you can access at a time.

As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions about RB Digital, or any of TBPL’s resources. If you don’t have a library card yet, we can help you with that too. Simply email us at comments@tbpl.ca.  Happy browsing!

Jocelyn Knoester – www.tbpl.ca If you have a comment about today’s column, we would love to hear from you. 

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