Looking Forward to New Young Adult Books

cover of Queen of Nothing2020 is here and I know everyone is waiting with bated breath to hear how I, Nicole, fared in my yearly book tally. Though the last time it was mentioned I think I was at 8 books, I finished this year off having read… 12. Alas, I did not reach my goal but I still call last year a success because I read more books than in 2018 (only 6!!!) This year I’ll aim for 13. 1 book a month plus an extra for when I’m chilling by the lake this summer. The books coming out this year look fantastic and I can’t wait to get my mitts on them. So without further ado, here are the books I’m most looking forward to in 2020.

First thing’s first: I am incredibly stoked for Holly Black’s The Queen of Nothing, the third and final book in The Folk of the Air trilogy. I read the second book in early 2019 and I’ve been thirsting for this last one ever since. If you haven’t read the series, the first book, The Cruel Prince, follows Jude, a human who longs to find her place in the Court of Faerie. Jude discovers that the Court can be deceptive and cruel, just like the terrible Prince Cardan who she must learn to face. It’s so well written and fantastical with so much anticipation that I seriously stayed up until 3 AM reading the second book. I can’t say more or I’ll spoil it but check it out!

cover of Star DaughterStar Daughter by Sveta Thakrar is coming out this year as well and though everyone says you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, we all do — and this one looks absolutely stunning. Using Hindu mythology throughout, Thakrar tells the story of Sheetal who was born from a human and a star. Sheetal goes to the celestial court to get her mother – a full star – to help heal her now critically injured father. This book sounds so interesting and like an awesome blend of sci-fi and fantasy.

Another one I can’t wait to read is Goddess in the Machine by Lora Beth Johnson. Andra (presumably the main character) went into a cryogenic sleep and woke up on a new planet, 1000 years too late. All her friends and family have since died, and the new people of this planet claim she’s a goddess who will save their dying planet. Of course, this book seems to hint at my favourite trope, with an exiled prince who needs the false goddess to help return him to the throne. Together they must work together to restore the city and possibly figure out why Andra woke-up when she did.

cover of Goddess in the Machine

Lastly… Pirates. Adalyn Grace promises mermaids, magic, princesses and pirates in All the Stars and Teeth, a story about Amora, who is training to learn soul magic to prove she should rule. Unable to do so, Amora and Bastian (a pirate, of course) work together to face monsters in order to help her reclaim the throne and to help him reclaim his magic. Let me say it again… Pirates. I think I’ve said enough.

Of course, these are only some of the incredible books coming out this year and you can look forward to even more! The teen page on our website has a “new releases” spot that I update monthly with all the new titles we get in. Go check it out now at www.tbpl.ca/teens. Check us out on Instagram too @tbplteens to see what else we’ve got going on (we have a ton of free program and volunteer opportunities!) or just to tell me what you think of the new books that come out.

Nicole Koroscil – www.tbpl.caIf you have a comment about today’s column, we would love to hear from you. Please comment below!

cover of All the Stars and Teeth

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