New & Upcoming Fiction for December at TBPL



New December Fiction 2019

Allende, Isabelle
Anderson, Lin
Benedict, Marie
Black, Benjamin
Brown, Karma
Carr, Robyn
Chamberlain, Diane
Dallas, Sandra
Dorsey, Tim
Elgar, Emily
Furst, Alan
Gardner, Lisa
Gibb, Camilla
Greenwell, Garth
Hamilton, Ian
Harris, Charlaine
Hurwitz, Gregg
Kelly, Julia
King, Thomas
Lewis, Susan
MacDonald, Andrew David
McEwan, Ian
Melinek, Judy & T.J. Mitchell
Miller, Linda Lael
Moore, Graham
Peters, Glynis
Preston, D. & Lincoln Child
Rose, M.J.
Russell, Katherine
Shalvis, Jill
Shepard Gray, Shelley
Slaughter, Kare & Lee Child
Taylor, Brad
Tudor, C.J.
Unsworth, Emma Jean

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