‘From Here’ Music Festival

silhouetted musicians
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the creation of the City of Thunder Bay. TBPL is a member of the City’s 50th Anniversary organizing committee and is planning a number of events to celebrate this significant milestone.

The ‘From Here’ Music Festival will inspire today’s musically inclined youth to add to Thunder Bay’s vibrant culture by pursuing their passion for music. TBPL will call upon a number of locally raised musicians who have maintained success in their various musical genres for as long as Thunder Bay has been a city.

Several musicians ‘from here’  will lead a series of workshops aimed at guiding young musicians of today so that they too can achieve whatever degree of success they desire on their own chosen path. These musicians will also be invited to perform as a way of celebrating their success.

‘From Here’ is central to TBPL’s vision is to ‘become the heart of the community – a welcoming and inclusive centre of social innovation and change.’ Innovation often involves improving upon what’s already in place. These ‘from here’ musicians have proven the musical strength of Thunder Bay; let’s work together to bolster that strength moving forward.

‘From Here’ will have a number of positive outcomes: Thunder Bay youth (and older folk) will be inspired to monetize their musical passions; Youth are introduced to entrepreneurship – they may make careers by pursuing their passions, musical or otherwise; By legitimizing their musical dreams (and, by extension, other dreams regardless how unconventional), youths’ sense of self worth will be bolstered; Individuals from Thunder Bay will be recognized for their hard work and considerable accomplishments in maintaining musical careers for half a century; Thunder Bay’s reputation as a breeding ground for successful musicians will be enhanced, thereby adding legitimacy to the City’s claim that Thunder Bay ‘welcomes creative industry’; More visitors will consider Thunder Bay as a place to visit, enjoying our creative offerings as well as our natural beauty; The City will be seen to be taking immediate steps to implement its Strategic Plan; The City and the Library will be seen to be working in harmony together.

Based on preliminary discussions with the artists and allowing for adequate planning time, the preferred time for the event would be September or October 2020. Settling the precise date is subject to the timing of partners. An important consideration for engaging youth is to be able to work with area schools.

The aim is to seek funding from a range of sources as a means of not only receiving financial support, but also to spread the ownership of this event so that it is as fully as possible one city, all together.

‘From Here’ is a partnership project and TBPL will work with City of Thunder Bay, Wake the Giant, schools and the media. As a legacy of this project it is intended to produce a video document for posterity and for occasional screening in the coming years in order to promote tourism and economic development.

Stephen Hurrell (Director of Systems) is leading this project and will establish an Organizing Committee of internal and external stakeholders. If you would like to join this committee please contact Stephen at shurrell@tbpl.ca. All are welcome.

John Pateman– www.tbpl.ca. If you have a comment about today’s column, we would love to hear from you. Please comment below!

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