Teens Review: Wheels by Arthur Hailey

This book is 374 pages. It is a fiction book that could also be characterized with  somewhat of a thriller novel. It is very prominent with its subject of cars and automobiles. Wheels is not part of a series. Myself being in grade 12, I would suggest this to people in high school years. If you are an advanced reader, I would suggest it.

This novel takes you inside the auto industry in Detroit during the 70’s. It goes much deeper than just the ins and outs of industry secrets and sales tricks – it follows the personal lives of auto executives, their wives, assembly line workers, car designers, etc. It gives an idea of how life is affected by those working in the brutal auto industry and especially at that time. Despite not being alive when this book was published, it accurately depicts life at that time, especially for minorities or ex-cons. 

For me, this book was so-so. I didn’t hate it, but at the same time wasn’t reaching for it every time I read. I am not much of a car fanatic but enjoyed the way the author got deep into the characters personal lives. In my opinion the car lingo was, at times, hard to follow but thankfully not key to the plot. Even if cars are not your favourite hobby, I would give this book a chance because it might surprise you in the end. 

Out of 5 I would rate this book a generous 3. Although it had a satisfying ending, I don’t think I could classify Wheels as a “page-turner”. At best this novel will cure your boredom for an hour or so. There are many chapters where this novel became very interesting and the thriller aspect came into play. 

-Isabella D.

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