Teens Review: Best Kept Secrets by Sandra Brown

This book is 448 pages long and is a fiction novel that could fall into genres like romance, suspense and mystery. Best Kept Secrets is not part of a series but has many other books similar by the same author. I am in grade 12 and  I would recommend this book for people in the senior years of high school or at a young adult age. 

This book is about the main character Alexandra Gaither, a state prosecutor, who travels out of state to investigate her mother’s mysterious homicide over 20 years before. She meets and converses with multiple of her mother’s childhood friends while she reopens the case she has wondered about her entire life, since no one ever went to trial for the murder. 

I personally enjoyed this book. I would read more of her similar books. I liked the mystery aspect and the way the author kept the plot twisting and turning with new surprises arising throughout. Something that didn’t appeal to me much was the way Brown wrote about Alex as a strong independent female as a prosecutor in a “man’s world”, but at the same time confused readers with her damsel in distress way of talk when it came to her relationship with the men in the novel. This book is great for people who like murder mystery and trying to solve who it was. I would also suggest this to people who like romance novels but at the same time would like a balance between the relationship(s) aspect and the actual plot of the book. 

Out of 5, I would rate this book a 4. I found this book met most of the criteria I have when it comes to finding a good read. For example, satisfying ending, purposeful plot, and interesting characters. 

-Isabella D.

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