July 2019 New and Upcoming Fiction

Andrews, V.C.
Atwood, Margaret
Billingham, Mark
Box, C.J.
de la Cruz, Melissa
Delaney, J.P.
Gregory, Philippa
Griffin, W.E.B.
Grimes, Martha
Harding, Robyn
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia
Hart, Ellen
Hartsuyker, Linnea
Herron, R.H.
Higgins, Kristan
Howard, Linda & Linda Jones
Jio, Sarah
Michaels, Fern
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia
Musso, Guillaume
Neggers, Carla
North, Alex
Parker, T. Jefferson
Patterson, James & Candice Fox
Patterson, James
Paul, Gill
Ripley, Nathan
Russell, Mary Doria
Shepard Gray, Shelley
Slaughter, Karin
Smith, Sherri
Tucker, K.A.
Waldman, Amy
Ware, Ruth
Weeks, Brent
Wiggs, Susan
Woods, Stuart

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