The Line Painter by Claire Cameron




This book is a true page turner which provides the reader with a unique appreciation of the lines on long, lonely stretches of highway.  Cameron tells the story of Carrie, who embarks on a solo road trip north from her home in Toronto, after her boyfriend dies as a result of a tragic accident.  As she drives Carrie struggles with her role in the events that led up to the accident. She has told no one where she is going, as she hardly knows herself. Her car breaks down in the middle of the night, on the north shore of Lake Superior.  If you’ve ever driven East from Thunder Bay, you know how terrifying that can be! There’s no cell-service, no traffic, and she is scared and desperate. Then, a line painting truck appears.  Carrie is relieved at first, as she believes help has arrived, but she quickly discovers her situation is about to take an unexpected turn. It’s interesting to think of roads as metaphors for life, and how they lead both away from people and experiences, and towards them.  By extension the line painter — the person whose responsibility it is to ensure the lines are in the correct position to keep travelers safe — has a crucial role. After reading this book you look at lines on the road in a whole new light.

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