Kill Creek by Scott Thomas

I really love that feeling you get when a book casually catches your eye as you stroll through the stacks of books at a library. For some reason that you may not be able to explain, the book just seems like it’s going to be good even though you have never heard of the author.  As you nod, approving of the cover, you flip the book open to read the blurb on the inside jacket.  “Wow!” you think to yourself, “this seems interesting”.  It’s a great feeling and the feeling is even greater is the book actually lives up to the hype you have just given it.

Kill Creek by Scott Thomas is one such novel. This is his first novel and it he nailed it.  I love horror stories, especially ghost stories.  Kill Creek delivers one of the best ghost stories I have read in very long time, not since Peter Straub.  A house, a vicious murder, five people gathered together many years later and Thomas’ storytelling equals pure awesomeness.  I’m normally a pretty slow reader but when I began this novel, it did not take long to get to the last page.  Even the book cover, which of course is what originally drew me in, is spooky and cool.

Thomas tells a fascinatingly creepy tale of a group of differing horror writers brought together to a notorious haunted house on Halloween.  A talented horror writer with writer’s block who hasn’t produced anything in years is the story’s main protagonist. As his life appears in shambles, he is coaxed to spend a night at this semi famous haunted house in rural America. Joining him are three other horror writers with completely different writing styles and a horror loving multimillionaire web site host.  What can possibly go wrong? Well, apparently a lot.

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