May 2019 New & Upcoming Fiction Titles

Atkinson, Kate
Black, Cara
Brown, Rita Mae
Colgan, Jenny
Crais, Robert
Daniels, Natalie
Deaver, Jeffery
Ellis, Kate
Gilbert, Elizabeth
Haines, Carolyn
Harris, Joanne
Hilderbrand, Elin
Hoag, Tami
Horowitz, Anthony
Hunter, Stephen
Jackson, Lisa
Jenoff, Pam
Jones, Amy
King, Stephen & Bev Vincent
Koch, Herman
Kate, Lauren
Mackintosh, Clare
Maden, Mike
Parks, Brad
Patterson, James
Perry, Thomas
Reich, Christopher
Reid, Taylor Jenkins
Riley, Lucinda
Ross, Ann B.
Ryan, Jennifer
Scalzi, John
Shalvis, Jill
Stabenow, Dana
Steel, Danielle
Stephenson, Neal
Thor, Brad
Ward, J.R.
Weiner, Jennifer
Willig, Lauren

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