Interview with Katherine Keeping

picture of Katherine KeepingKatherine Keeping’s commitment in studying and discovering the amazing healing powers of the earth’s powerful crystals has resulted in delivering the benefits of bringing balance to the body, mind and spirit to many of her clients. She works in multiple energy healing modalities including as a Reiki Master, Recognized Practitioner of Therapeutic Touch, and a practitioner of Crystal Surgery. Katherine brews unscented gem oils with the healing properties of crystals, minerals, and gemstones ( Additionally she offers readings in Cards, Tea Leaves, Crystals, Aura and Sand.

Katherine will be offering mini tea leaf and tarot card readings at the Mary J.L. Black Library on April 9th and 23rd.  For more information or to pre-register (registration opens two weeks prior to the program), please see our online calendar.

Shauna Kosoris: How did you get your start in fortune telling?

Katherine Keeping: I began to actively learn about accessing my intuition through one of my first mentors in Energy Work (Reiki, Healing Touch, etc.)

What different kinds of fortune telling do you offer?

I offer Tea Leaf Readings or Card Readings (year ahead & specific questions), Crystal Readings (past lives), Aura Readings (reading the colours and details within your energetic field), and Sand Readings (reading the arc of your life).

That’s quite the variety; which method do you like best?

Tea Leaf Reading is my favourite. I love all of the details that appear in a cup, and the variety of ways that one can access information intuitively – clairvoyance/seeing, clairaudience/hearing, clairsentience/feeling, and clairconginzance/knowing.

You’re going to be telling fortunes at the Mary J.L. Black library in April with tea leaves and tarot cards.  Do you have a specific tea you use for the tea leaf readings?

I prefer reading real tea leaves: white, green, oolong, and black. I find more information in them than in a tisane.

I never would have considered that but it makes sense. Do you have a personal favourite tea for drinking (not specifically for reading fortunes)?

My current favourite tea is Sencha Echinacea from International House of Tea. I feel that we are very lucky in Thunder Bay to have so many local tea companies, including International House of Tea, Tea Horse, Tea of Fortunata, and more. I have no doubt that next month I will try a new creation, and fall in love again.

Most definitely – the International House of Tea has some fantastic choices.  What tarot spreads will you be using for the tarot readings at the library?

I read a variety of Oracle Card Decks. I always read intuitively, connecting with the information that needs to come forward on that day; I find that the spread used depends upon the questions asked by that person, on that day.  

You also study the healing power of crystals.  How did you get started with that?

Working with crystals began with finding a Fire Agate as a gift in a small shop down a narrow alley in NY. I have taken every opportunity to learn from first local, & then international crystal healers, and am now qualified as a Certified Master of Crystology in Melody Crystal Healing, a practitioner of Crystal Surgery & a Certified Instructor of Crystal Healing Techniques Vol 1 & 2. If it sparkles, I work with it in some way.

Do you have any advice for people interested in reading fortunes?

Be willing to play within the energy field, and to test the lengths of your intuition. The more that you test your gifts, the more that you will trust their veracity.

Since this is a blog about books, I’d like to finish up by asking: what’s your favourite book?

I have loved libraries everywhere that I have lived, so this is a particularly difficult question. My favourite book from childhood is The Velveteen Rabbit. My favourite crystal book is Love is in the Earth: The Crystal and Mineral Encyclopedia by Melody. And my favourite books to re-read every year are The Finovar Tapestry series by Guy Gavriel Kay.

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