New & Upcoming March Fiction at TBPL

Bannalec, Jean-Luc
Boyle, T.C.
Burke, Alafair
Carr, Jack
Clark, Mary Higgins
Elliott, Lexie
Epstein, Jennifer Cody
Fay, Juliette
Feeney, Alice
Fields, Helen
Foulds, Adam
Gingrich, Newt & Pete Earley
Gray, Claudia
Harris, C.S.
Hillerman, Anne
Kelly, Erin
Kelly, Martha Hall
Kerr, Philip
Kingsbury, Karen
Land, Jon
Marston, Missy
McCall Smith, Alexander
McMahon, Jennifer
Patterson,James & Maxine Paetro
Patterson, James & Brendon DuBois
Perry, Anne
Rooney, Sally
Ross, Ann B.
Sandford, John
Sands, Lynsay
Schwartz, John Burnham
Scottoline, Lisa
Shepard Gray, Shelley
Smith, Alisa
Smith, Wilbur
Thayer, Nancy
Thomas, Bev
Thompson, Victoria
Weisgarber, Ann
Yellin, Jessica

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