April New & Upcoming Fiction at TBPL

  Andrews, Mary Kay Arden, Katherine Baldacci, David Bolton, Sharon Bradley, Alan C. Carr, Robyn Cook, Robin Crawford, Isis Cussler, Clive Dailey, Janet Dickey, Eric Jerome Doctorow, Cory Evanovich, Stephanie Evans, Richard Paul Fielding, Joy Frank, Dorothea Benton George, Nina Graham, Heather Griffiths, Elly Hagberg, David Harris, Thomas Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew Jackson, Lisa Jance, Judith... Continue Reading →

Becoming Belle by Nuala O’Connor

In “Becoming Belle,” Nuala O’Connor brings the extraordinary life of Isabel (Belle) Bilton into the mind of her readers. As someone who appreciates a believably written period piece, I was grateful for O’Connor’s appropriate choice of language and sentence structure. It allowed me to fully immerse myself into this almost unbelievable story set in the... Continue Reading →

Vivacious India

Delectable chai; Resplendent saris; Eye-watering curries; Cricket fanatics; Maniacal traffic; 33 million Hindu Gods & Goddesses  Your Indian Adventure Starts Now Arundhati Roy: The Ministry of Utmost Happiness: “A lustrously braided and populated tale woven with ribbons of identity, love, mourning, and joy—and tied together with yellow mangoes, cigarettes, and damask roses.” —Sloane Crosley, Vanity... Continue Reading →

Globe & Mail Bestsellers-Non-Fiction-March 2019

March 30, 2019 1. Becoming, Michelle Obama An intimate, powerful, and inspiring memoir. 2. Educated, Tara Westover "Tara Westover is living proof that some people are flat-out, boots-always-laced-up indomitable."-USA Today 3. Cat and Nat's Mom Truths, Catherine Belknap & Natalie Telfer Embarrassing Stories and Brutally Honest Advice on the Extremely Real Struggle of Motherhood 4.... Continue Reading →

International Women’ Day

International Women's Day is an opportunity for everyone to celebrate the milestones and accomplishments of fascinating and fearless women throughout history.         Rosa Parks: My Story, by Rosa Parks Rosalind Franklin and the Structure of Life, by Jane Polcovar Canadian Women in the Sky: 100 Years of Flight, by Elizabeth Gillan Muir... Continue Reading →

Globe & Mail Bestsellers-Fiction-March 2019

March 30, 2019 1. Cemetery Road, Greg Iles An electrifying tale of friendship, betrayal, and shattering secrets. 2. The Huntress, Kate Quinn Historical novel about a battle-haunted English journalist and a Russian female bomber pilot. 3. Daisy Jones & the Six, Taylor Jenkins Reid Brilliantly capturing a place and time in an utterly distinctive voice.... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Our Differences in Picture Books

Children adore picture books for a huge variety of reasons, as do their caregivers. Some prefer books that amuse, some go for bold, bright illustrations, and others like to see their own lives represented in the story. When it comes to celebrating our differences, there are a multitude of picture books available. What’s My Superpower?... Continue Reading →

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