His and Her Westerns and a Few Weird Ones Thrown in

The Western has certainly evolved over time and is experiencing an increase in popularity with sub genres such as Romantic Westerns and Weird Westerns. But don’t feel boxed in by the His and Hers stereotypes – these titles will appeal to all readers with a penchant for the Wild West.

Traditionally His:





Barjack and the Unwelcome Ghost, by Robert J. Conley

Texas Ranger, by James Patterson

The Last Ride of Jed Strange, by Frank Leslie

Wild Justice, by Loren D. Estleman

The Best Western Stories of Les Savage

Cape Hell, by Loren D. Estleman

El Paso, by Winston Groom

Blood Sky, by Will Cook

Texas Ranger, by Wade Everett

An Obvious Fact, by Craig Johnson

Give-a-damn Jones, by Bill Pronzini





Robert B. Parker’s Bull River, by Robert B. Parker

Appaloosa, by Robert B. Parker

Blue-eyed Devil, by Robert B. Parker

Hard Country, by Michael McGarrity

Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry

Cities of the Plain, by Cormac McCarthy

The Trail to Seven Pines, by Louis L’Amour

West of Dodge: Frontier Stories, by Louis L’Amour

From the Listening Hills, by Louis L’Amour

Trouble in Tombstone, by Richard S. Wheeler

The Collected Short Stories of Louis L’Amour





Ralph Compton: the Law and the Lawless, by Ralph Compton

Guns on the Prairie, by David Robbins

Where the Bullets Fly, by Terrence McCauley

Gunning for Regret, by Wolf MacKenna

A Time for Vultures, by William W. Johnstone

Evil Never Sleeps, by William W. Johnstone

Will Tanner, U.S. Deputy Marshall, by William W. Johnstone

Right Between the Eyes, by William W. Johnstone

Legion of Fire, by William W. Johnstone

The Great Trek, by Zane Grey

Wildfire: the Heritage of the Desert, by Zane Grey

The Lawman, by Lyle Brandt

Dodge City, by Matt Braun

Traditionally Hers:

Saddled and Spurred, by Lorelei James

One Night Charmer, by Maisey Yates

Three Weeks with a Bull Rider, by Cat Johnson

Untamed Cowboy, by Maisie Yates

One Heart to Win, by Johanna Lindsey

Cupid, Texas: How the Cowboy was Won, by Lori Wilde

Million Dollar Cowboy, by Lori Wilde

A Man’s Heart, by Lori Copeland

Love Blooms in Winter, by Lori Copeland





Wildfire in His Arms, by Johanna Lindsey

Heart on the Line, by Karen Witemeyer

Forever a Hero, by Linda Lael Miller

A Wanted Man, by Linda Lael Miller

Two Brothers, by Linda Lael Miller

Texas Tall, by Kaki Warner

Love Drunk, Cowboy, by Carolyn Brown

Cowboy Bold, by Carolyn Brown

You Had Me at Cowboy, by Jennie Marts

Big Bad Cowboy, by Carly Bloom

Weird Westerns:

Karen Memory, by Elizabeth Bear

The Sisters Brothers, by Patrick de Witt

Wake of Vultures, by Lila Bowen

The Gunslinger, by Stephen King

An Easy Death, by Charlaine Harris

Nine of Stars, by Laura Bickle

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