Adult Colouring Club Resumes at Waverley Library

pencil crayons against a white backgroundThe first 2019 meeting of Colour Me Calm, Waverley’s adult colouring club, is Thursday February 7th!  Colour Me Calm is a free drop-in program where adults of all colouring ability are invited to come out and socialize. There are colouring pages and pencil crayons available for everyone to use, but if you have your own supplies you are welcome to bring them with you, too!

During the winter and spring, the dates for Colour Me Calm are February 7 and 21, March 7 and 21, April 4 and 18, and May 2 and 16; the program runs every second Thursday, from 7pm to 8:30pm in the Waverley Learning Space, which are the tables located on the main floor over by the magazines. We will be taking a break during the summer and reconvening again in the fall.

wolf bookmark - created by Levi Greenacres, coloured by Colour Me Calm
Bookmark by Levi Greenacres, coloured by a member of Colour Me Calm

If you’re interested in seeing some of the finished pictures members of Colour Me Calm have coloured, head to the Thunder Bay Public Library’s Facebook page! I’ve created an album specifically for Colour Me Calm. Along with the images of some of the pictures coloured by members, the album also has pictures of some of the pencil crayons and books that have been donated to the club over the last three and a half years. Many of the colouring pages used by the club come from those donations, but others come from free colouring pages that are available online. A great source has been the blog Easy Peasy and Fun, which has great craft ideas available, too. And last fall, a colleague sent me a link to some free bookmarks for libraries and book lovers by artist Levi Greenacres. He created four bookmarks from some of his existing art; those four bookmarks have been a real hit with members of Colour Me Calm! I’ve sent Levi pictures of the bookmarks that have been coloured by Colour Me Calm members (he’s posted a few of them on his Instagram page); he mentioned that he’s working on some new ones. I’m hoping that they’ll be ready soon!

Pencil crayons and colouring sheets aren’t the only things provided for colouring; there’s also always coffee, a herbal tea, and cookies. I like herbal teas rather than black teas because I prefer not to be drinking caffeine in the evening; I also find herbal teas more calming, which is perfect for a night of colouring!

I hope we’ll see you at Colour Me Calm this month. Our first meeting is Thursday, February 7th at 7pm. If you’d like more information, visit, email, or give me a call at 345-8275 ext 6814.

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