Gifts in Jars by Natalie Wise



Now that the holidays are upon us, many people are out searching for gifts for loved ones. However, with that comes busy shopping centres, overspending and overconsumption. That is why many people are choosing to reduce their purchasing of mass produced goods and seek out making some of their own gifts. These types of gifts have a lovely personal touch without breaking one’s budget.


But what is one to do if you don’t have a unique talent or are short for time? I searched the Thunder Bay Public Library’s catalogue for books on gifts and stumbled upon “Gifts in Jars” by Natalie Wise. This seemed perfect. Mason Jars come in all sizes and are very affordable- not to mention reusable and durable.


What I really liked about “Gifts in Jars” is the variety of categories to suit many tastes- Kitchen, Bath & Body, For the Home, Party & Kids, and For &  From the Garden. Under Kitchen, you have classic ideas like dry brownie mix where the receiver is only a couple steps away from a homemade treat. Under Bath & Body, my personal favourite was making your own rosewater for cosmetic use (I know a loose leaf tea shop that sells rose petals for this idea!).  For the Home includes another classic idea of homemade candles and Party & Kids , which includes homemade play dough. The only category that’s tricky for our long Canadian winters is For & From the Garden, but there are a few ideas, like garden decorations, which would look great inside for the next 6 months before gardening season is upon us.


This year I encourage everyone who is giving gifts to either make some of their own or buy some that are personally made. It’s better for the environment and for the economy. It’s really a win-win situation altogether.

Kristal Vanderleest-

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