Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs

I love Patricia Briggs’ books. So I was very excited to read Cry Wolf, the first book in her Alpha and Omega series.

Cry Wolf is about werewolves Charles and Anna. Charles is a two-hundred year old very dominant alpha wolf (second to his father, the alpha of all the wolves in North America). Anna is a rare omega wolf, who is sort of like a medicine woman; she exudes peace and can calm the rage of other werewolves. As soon as he saw her, Charles’ wolf decided that Anna was his mate; suddenly Charles found himself not only determined to protect her (from danger and other potential rivals), but also able to let down his guard around her thanks to her omega powers. The pair head to Charles’ home in Montana, where Anna feels she doesn’t belong. But she isn’t given much time to adjust because there’s a rogue wolf in the area that Charles needs to deal with. Normally that would mean killing the rogue, but with Anna along there’s now a chance they can bring him in peacefully.

Cry Wolf is a very fun read. Briggs crafts wonderful characters, and I love how the book goes back and forth between Anna and Charles’ points of view. The one major issue I had with Cry Wolf is that it doesn’t start at the beginning of their story; there’s a novella in a separate book, “On the Prowl”, that explains how Anna and Charles meet. So, if you’re wanting to read Cry Wolf, I recommend that you start with the novella first. Both “On the Prowl” and “Cry Wolf” are available through Overdrive, and Cry Wolf is available at the Thunder Bay Public Library as a paperback.

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