December 2018 New & Upcoming Fiction

Abbott, Jeff Andrews, Donna Anonymous Barton, Fiona Berg, Elizabeth Bradford, Barbara Taylor Bradley, Alan Brown, Rita Mae Burke, James Lee Carr, Robyn Clark, Mary Higgins Coelho, Paulo Dodd, Christina Dorsey, Tim Estleman, Loren D Evans, Richard Paul Fesperman, Dan Fluke, Joanne Forsyth, Frederick Francis, Felix Gear, W. Michael Hendricks, G & S Pekkanen Hill, Susan... Continue Reading →

On Grief and Bereavement

I’m writing this on November 20th, National Bereavement Day in Canada.  If this comes as a surprise, know that this is only the second year that we have marked a day for bereavement.  The theme this year is "grief and bereavement is a part of life” and with that in mind I would like to... Continue Reading →

Future Favourite Picture Books

When it comes to reading, many children lock on to one or two favourite picture books, insisting that they be read over, and over, and over. While there is recognized value in repetition (letter and word recognition, rhythm, and development of vocabulary are just a few examples), sometimes you just want to try something new!... Continue Reading →

Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds

How long is an elevator ride? 30 seconds? 60? What could possibly happen during the trip from top to bottom? Jason Reynolds’ Long Way Down jams an entire delightfully moody YA novel into one short journey. Will Hollowman is just a kid, who through no fault of his own is living a life that keeps... Continue Reading →

November New & Upcoming Fiction 2018

Backman, Fredrik Bolton, Sharon Castillo, Linda Chamberlain, Diane Childs, Laura Cole, Martina Ellis, Karen Ellis, Kate Estleman, Loren D. Faulks, Sebastian Fowler, Christopher Haines, Carolyn Harbison, Beth Harris, Joanne M Harvey, John Horowitz, Anthony Jardine, Quintin Johansen, Iris L'Amour, Louis Littlejohn, Emily Miller, Madeline Moore, Lisa Murakami, Haruki Neggers, Carla Paretsky, Sara Pekkanen, Sarah Penny,... Continue Reading →

Interview with Peter Panetta

Peter Panetta is a mentor, educator, artist and adventurer. He currently lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario with his wife Norma Lee Panetta. In 1999, he founded the Underground Gym & Youth Centre for underprivileged children & youth. The goal is to reverse the downward trend of despair by providing multiple positive activities at no cost... Continue Reading →

Less Meat for a Healthy Body and Planet

November is International Vegan month and is meant to raise awareness of the alternatives to eating meat.  There are a variety of eating plans that emphasis a plant based diet, some include animal products and others don’t , so there is always a way to integrate healthier eating and still enjoy a wide range of foods.... Continue Reading →

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