This I Know: Marketing Lessons from Under the Influence by Terry O’Reilly

We are all bombarded on a daily basis by advertisements that often feel more like an assault on our freewill than anything. That is why “This I Know: Marketing Lessons from Under the Influence” is a valuable read for anyone.


On his CBC Radio show “Under the Influence”, Terry O’Reilly’s marketing lessons are very popular with the general public and that is because he uses stories to formulate those lessons. Now, in this recently published book, O’Reilly continues to tell these stories with the same intriguing fluidity that you may have heard him use on-air. Each anecdote highlights a core truth about the advertising revolution, and how it has helped shape today’s consumer driven economy and western society as we know it.


But this book isn’t solely entertainment, created as a guide for small businesses and entrepreneurs, “This I Know” provides valuable nuggets of wisdom and contains useful tools to create affective marketing—it’s a textbook that’s fun to read. Each chapter gracefully leads into the next and the stories are well organized with references located at the back of the book, sorted by page number, to maintain flow. Terry O’Reilly asks the reader thought provoking and actionable questions while providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the history of marketing and suggests where its future trajectory may lead.


If you are interested in marketing, be that out of natural curiosity or because you want to build your own marketing campaign, I recommend that you find out what it is that Terry O’Reilly knows.


Ruby Reid-Sharp –

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