September New & Upcoming 2018

Boyne, John Delinsky, Barbara Deutermann, Peter T DeWitt, Patrick Fluke, Joanne George, Margaret Graham, Heather Granger, Ann Hagberg, David Jonasson, Jonas *************** Leather, Stephen MacMillan, Gilly Mallery, Susan Mallery, Susan Mayor, Archer Perry, Anne Pryor, Mark Rice, Waubgeshig Rose, M.J. Ruiz Zafron, Carlos Ryan, Hank Phillipi Salvatore, R.A. Scalzi, John Steel, Danielle Steinhauer, Olen Stewart,... Continue Reading →

Eat Your Greens!

It’s that time of year again; gardens and farm stands are filled with an abundance of fresh vegetables.  While exciting this can be overwhelming: how can we make the most of this short season?  Certainly some foods can be preserved or stored for winter months, but others are not suited to long term storage.  Although... Continue Reading →

Personal Finance

Have you ever wanted to learn more about how to manage your personal finances?  I recently took an interest in the subject and started reading many of the Thunder Bay Public Library’s finance books. Here are my picks for some great places to start reading up on the subject. The first book that piqued my... Continue Reading →

Help for Parents

Dear parents, finding information on the internet can be overwhelming. As a parent, you want to make sure you are doing the best for your child. However, with so much “advice” available at your fingertips, it can get a little scary.  But don’t forget, your Thunder Bay Public Library is also a great resource for... Continue Reading →

Dear Mrs. Bird by A.J. Pearce

  When I think of historical fiction set during the Second World War, I anticipate a generally serious tone throughout the entire book.  I do not expect to be reading something that can make me laugh, cry, and change my perspective in a single chapter. In her debut novel however, A. J. Pearce has presented... Continue Reading →

Standalone Fantasy Books

I love reading fantasy books. But so many of them are part of trilogies or much longer series, and I find that I often don’t have the time or inclination to read them. What I really want are good standalone stories; thankfully, over the years I’ve come across a few gems that are available here... Continue Reading →

Interview with Kecia Bal

Kecia Bal is a former print journalist and the winner of the James Patterson MasterClass Co-Author Competition. She now writes books full-time. She and her family live in Pennsylvania. Shauna Kosoris: Prior to working on The Dolls with James Patterson you were working as a journalist for over a decade.  Did you have a hard... Continue Reading →

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