The Dolls by James Patterson with Kecia Bal

Imagine signing up for an online writing course and winning the opportunity to write a novel with the number one bestselling author in the world.  While this sounds like the premise for a book, it’s what happened to fledgling author Kecia Bal who won James Patterson’s Masterclass Co-Author competition. The result is a futuristic mystery novel called “The Dolls”.

When journalist Lana Wallace leaves her former job in Chicago and arrives in Boston to write the business column in a local paper, little did she know that her life would change forever.  When two prominent business tycoons are murdered within days of each other, Lana starts investigating their deaths. The only similarities between the two men were that each ‘own’ a PrydeTek Robot Companion. These female dolls replicate human women in every way and are programmed to be submissive to their masters.

Lana is surprised when she meets “Sandra”, one of PrydeTek’s companions, and engages her in conversation.  Lana learns the extent of abuse these ‘women’ endure, both physically, and psychologically, and she begins to ponder the question of what makes one human.  So when a third body is found, Lana and the detective on the case begin to wonder if the companions are responsible or simply a convenient front for another culprit.

This book is part of James Patterson’s Bookshot series so it is very short in length but that makes for a lot of edgy pacing, an omnipresent eerie atmosphere and the possibility of a sequel.  This would be a great book for fans of Westworld or BBC’s Humans television series.

TBPL is thrilled that Kecia Bal is one of our author interviews, beginning August 1, on our library blog  Find out the behind the scenes of the contest and what it’s like working with James Patterson.


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