May 2018 New and Upcoming Titles at TBPL

New and Upcoming Titles @ Your Library

Andrews, Mary Kay                 The High Tide Club
Bell, Ted                                     Overkill: An Alex Hawke Novel
Black, Cara                                Murder on the Left Bank
Brooks, Terry                            The Skaar Invasion
Brown, Dale                               The Moscow Offensive
Brown, Rita Mae                       Probable Claws
Coes, Ben                                    Bloody Sunday
Connolly, John                          He
Connolly, John                         The Woman in the Woods
Delinsky, Barbara                    Before and Again
Giffin, Emily                              All We Ever Wanted
Gray, Shelley Shepard             His Risk
Griffiths, Elly                             The Dark Angel
Hall, Araminta                           Our Kind of Cruelty
Haywood,Sarah                       The Cactus
Hilderbrand, Elin                    The Perfect Couple
Jackson. Lisa                            Liar, Liar
John, D. B.                                Star of the North
Kernick, Simon                        The Hanged Man
King, Stephen                          The Outsider
Knoll, Jessica                           The Favorite Sister
Laukkanen, Owen                   Gale Force
Maden, Mike                            Tom Clancy Line of Sight
McDermid, Val                          Insidious Intent
McKinlay, Jenn                        Death in the Stacks
Molloy, Aimee                          The Perfect Mother
Monroe, Mary Alice                Beach House Reunion
Palahniuk, Chuck                     Adjustment Day
Paris, B. A.                                 Bring Me Back
Preston, Douglas                      The Pharaoh Key
Pronzini, Bill                             Give- a- Damn Jones
Quick, Amanda                         The Other Lady Vanishes
Robards, Karen                         The Moscow Deception
Shalvis, Jill                                 Rainy Day Friends
Showalter, Gena                        The Darkest Warrior 

Simsion, Graeme C.                  Two Steps Forward
Steel, Danielle                            The Cast

Ware, Ruth                                 The Death of Mrs. Westaway
Weir, Alison                               Jane Seymour: The Haunted Queen
Wiggs, Susan                             Between You & Me

All titles available for hold May 1, 2018 at your Thunder Bay Public Library.

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