Snowblind by Christopher Golden


In the midst of a blizzard you might think you hear a whisper or see something that isn’t there. If you lived in the fictional town of Coventry, New England there might in fact be some truth to those whispers or fleeting glimpses. The story begins twelve years in the past with a severe snowstorm that results in the mysterious deaths of over a dozen people. The causes can’t be explained and the town is plunged into despair over its inability to find closure. Jump ahead to the current day and the economy is down, jobs are scarce, and another blizzard is on its way.

Those who lived in town since the first storm tell stories of icy eyes gleaming in the wind and seeing dancing figures that couldn’t be explained. These notions have long since been dismissed as part of the trauma of losing loved ones. But with the looming storm just hours away, real ghosts begin to emerge and bring the unbelievable into reality.

Snowblind is the perfect horror fiction for a snow day in Thunder Bay when the ice is crackling on the window and the snow is howling down the streets. It might make you think twice about opening the door when the bell rings but it will certainly be an entertaining read while you hide away from the draft.



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