The Vanishing by Wendy Webb


Picture a mysterious and very haunted estate on the outskirts of say…Grand Marais. Now add in a horror novelist that the world believes to be dead, a woman who has suffered to lengths few people could survive, and a cast of characters with a multitude of quirks. This sets the stage for The Vanishing by Wendy Webb. Webb is known for concocting mysteries about long-buried family secrets, set in big, old haunted houses on the Great Lakes and this one does not disappoint.

Published in 2014, The Vanishing is the story of Julia Bishop, whose life has literally crumbled before her eyes. In desperation she accepts a job offer to serve as companion to a famous novelist whom everyone thought to have passed away many years prior. It doesn’t take long for Julia to start wondering if this too good to be true employment is just that and the plot thickens. This is a perfect book to curl up with on a stormy night before a weekend drive down to Grand Marais and its surrounding area. You may never see it all the same way again!


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