On What Grounds by Cleo Coyle

What could be better than curling up on a grey morning with a steaming mug and a cozy mystery! Possibly the only improvement to be made would be if that cozy mystery were focused on the world of coffee. Thankfully, and this is in no way a spoiler, the coffee plays no direct part in the murder. It does play a pivotal role in setting the groundwork for the Coffeehouse Mystery series; about the Village Blend coffeehouse in New York, its staff and the many adventures swirling like an intricate piece of latte art.

Clare Cosi manages the day to day operations of the Village Blend – a business steeped in history and no stranger to drama over the years. She arrives to work one day to find her assistance manager has been killed. The police come and go in what appears to be a simple accidental death case; but Clare is convinced there is something else going on and, like any truly dedicated and well caffeinated gumshoe, she gets to work.


This first book in the series brings the reader all the elements you would expect in a cozy mystery. And for the readers who love all things coffee, it brings even more with information and advice that proves its author has certainly done her research into the coffee industry. So far I have read two books from this series and have 14 left to go. Time to put on the coffee pot and settle in for a cozy Sunday morning!



Jesse Roberts – http://www.tbpl.ca

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